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By tfdcadmin

Inside DECOY’s Studio Story on Pink Line Project

On 01, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In Artist Feature, Exhibitions, Press | By tfdcadmin

For November ’12, we had DC street artist DECOY’s D’s Nails in our main exhibition space. DECOY turned The Fridge into a nail salon, with 7 ft tall paintings on wood, small gel medium transfers, and t-shirts, hoodies, bows, stickers and Hello Kitty-style glasses, all on a backdrop of barbershop-striped pansy yellow walls.

Fridge Assistant Gallery Director visited DECOY’s studio as she was preparing for the show and wrote an inside the artist’s studio post for The Pink Line Project’s Pink Noise post.

Below is an excerpt, read the full article on the Pink Line site

Peter opens the enormous garage door so that we can better access the open space the loading dock provides, and we begin to carry out large, seemingly disjointed pieces of wood covered in acrylic paint – a face, a bow, two hands signing “d” and “c” – each ranging from two to six feet tall. She puzzles the pieces together, forming three artworks, each approaching seven feet. Two are portraits. The third with the signing hands stands alone, a nod to Alicia’s pride in DC, a common theme in her art.

Alicia points to a “51” surrounded by a star, tattooed on a girls leg, “That’s Dondi’s stencil.” Dondi is a friend that recently passed. She says, “Each piece I’m working on now is about a person who has gone through a major life change. My new show is about deciding to make a change and going for it, no matter what that means. I bit my nails for 25 years, and I thought I would never be able to have funky or cool nails. One day I decided, I can do this. This all grew out of that experience.”

Alicia is preparing for D’s Nails, her upcoming exhibit at The Fridge where she will turn the gallery into a nail salon. This will be Alicia’s third show at The Fridge, and the first exhibiting this body of work. She will be giving manicures on Saturdays in November, she’s created nine sets of nails to choose from, including a set inspired by Pink Line founder Philippa Hughes.

Decoy preparing for D's Nails Salon

Alicia was born in Brussels, Belgium. She graduated from Berry College in Rome, Georgia in 2001, where she picked up the nickname DECOY, chosen at random from a dictionary for a t-shirt design. The t-shirt became her uniform, and her friends soon began calling her by the chance moniker that turned out to be a perfect fit.

Since the early 2000’s, Alicia has developed a career that ranges from public murals and art education to gallery shows at Art Whino and the Katzen Arts Center. She teaches regularly with Albus Cavus, including directing an arts program at the Perry School, a social services provider located at First and New York Avenue NW. This year she was selected by (e)merge to show in the individual artists section.





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