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In Press

By tfdcadmin

Glowing Review for HKS 181 and Aniekan Udofia on Refined Hype

On 14, Jun 2013 | In Press | By tfdcadmin

Lucas Garrison, writer for national site Refined Hype, has posted a review imploring everyone to come out to The Fridge to check out Aniekan Udofia and HKS 181’s It Was Written, on view through June 30.

Lucas says, “I wish I could gather every single person I have ferociously debated and bring them to The Fridge, a DC art gallery, tucked snug into an alleyway in the Eastern Market area of our nation’s capital. This gallery, dedicated to graffiti and urban art is currently hosting an exhibit entitled It Was Written. As you might expect with a name coming from one of Nas’ albums, the exhibit currently on display is dedicated to hip-hop and is visual proof that hip-hop at its highest, is an inspiring, thought provoking art form. It Was Written hosts the works of two talented artists, Aniekan Udofia and HKS 181, who have teamed up to bring some of our favorite classics to life.”

Check out the full-length review on the Refined Hype site. Read more about It Was Written on The Fridge site.

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