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This Summer at The Fridge



This summer at the Fridge will be both HOT, and cooool…

The Fridge Storehouse Show: July 13-August 17
In our main gallery, we will be reaching into our archives and bringing back pieces from some of our favorite artists at awesome prices! There’s never been a better time to begin collecting from such diverse artists as: Astrotwitch, DECOY, Scot Lefavor, Asad ULTRA Walker, Carlos Aguilar, Kelly Towles and many more…

The Fringe Festival at The Fridge: Brick Penguin Tries Its Best: July 12-26 (8 shows)
The Brick Penguin sketch comedy crew break into their own vault to bring you some of their best sketches from the last four years. It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you shout. It’ll make her realize what a huge mistake she made leaving you for Keith just because he had “pretty eyes” and a “future” and she “wasn’t ashamed to introduce him to her parents.” …Aaaaanyway. Check the calendar and come see the greatest Brick Penguin show since the last one!