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The Fridge Presents: DC Street Sticker Expo 2.0


The Fridge Presents

DC Street Sticker Expo 2.0

Curated by iwillnot


July 18 – August 23, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – Opening July 18 from 6 – 10pm, The Fridge Presents DC Street Sticker Expo 2.0, a showcase of over 500 artists work from across the globe!

Sticker artist and curator iwillnot returns to The Fridge with the DC Street Sticker Expo II featuring the largest sticker combo wall in the District’s history as well as a series of select small and large-scale adhesive artworks from featured artists. Select items, such as a complete dining room set, will also be “sticker bombed” by the curator and on view.

Covering 300 square feet, the combo wall will feature an estimated 50,000 stickers from 300 artists based around the world. While artists based in the United States make up the largest contributing group, artists from Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Japan, Mexico and Germany as well as areas in central and eastern Europe have contributed works.

Featured artists have been selected by the curator to contribute works that will be framed and hung for sale. Additional featured artists will be selected by a jury of Washington, DC-based fine and sticker artists from the open call for submissions.


iwillnot’s first DC Street Sticker Expo was presented by The Fridge in 2012. Read more in the Washington Post.

“I’ve noticed positive changes quantity and quality of the work I’m receiving for the second exhibition. Sticker art communities are growing around the world. The number of submissions I’ve received from the Washington, DC area alone has quadrupled, the number from Canada has doubled, and I’ve seen a spike in submissions from Australia.

The volume of submissions made through traditional fine art processes such as screen printing as well as handdrawn and painted stickers has increased substantially. These artists are creating sticker art at home as opposed to developing pieces with the intent for mass production through commercial printers,” says iwillnot.

Large image at top: TITEY WHITEY by TAXI GANG, 2015, found objects and paint

Second image from top from Washington Post.: “Sticker artist iwillnot goes to town on an Express box. (Jason Hornick/For Express)”

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 8.46.19 AM


D.C. Street Sticker Expo 2
Look around, and you’ll see miniature masterpieces all over the city — on the bottoms of street lamps, on the backs of signs and in Metro stations. Whether hand drawn or mass-produced, sticker art gives city-dwellers a gallery show in the most unlikely places. Local artist and curator iwillnot has, once again, collected tens of thousands of stickers from around the world and will be covering an entire gallery wall with his finds.
The Fridge, 516 1/2 8th St. SE, rear alley; July 18-Aug. 29, free.”


Opening Reception
Saturday,  July 18, 6–10pm, free and open to the public

Artist and Curator’s Discussion
Sunday, August 9, 3–4pm, free and open to the public  A panel discussion with the available artists and curator. Free and open to the public.

Closing Reception
Sunday, August 23, 3 – 5pm, free and open to the public



About The Fridge

The Fridge is an art gallery, performance space, music venue and classroom located on Barracks Row in the historic Eastern Market neighborhood of Washington, DC. The space opened in 2009. The Fridge is dedicated to making the arts accessible to everyone by fostering community dialogue as well as serving as a creative lab for expression through art.

The Fridge has presented solo exhibitions from BORF, DECOY, TAXI GANG, SCOTCH!,
Scot LeFavor and Rose Jaffe as well as the duo show BLACK IN BLACK from Mark Jenkins and Tim Conlon.





The Fridge Presents

For the Love of Brick

Curated by SUPERWAXX

September 4 – September 7, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC - Opening Reception: Friday September, 4th, 2015, 6PM–11PM

“Brick Bash” Activity Day: Sunday September 6th, 2015 ; 1PM-3PM

Artists include: ABI / Ainsley / Anna Rose Soevik / Antoine Tava / ASAD / B.S. / Benson / Brandon Hill / BREL / Brody Rose / ACE / Che Love / Chris Scott / Cory L. Stowers / TUC / DECOY / Dead Dogs / FAME / HAM / James Walker / Joseph Lee / Julian Lytle / Kelly Towles / KeyHan / Maria Miller / The Artist Marie / Marty McFly / MasPas / Matt Corrado / WHO / Mike Obrien / Monolith / NightMare Mikey / Registered Artist / Romero / Rose Jaffe / SNIPT / Strawberry / TAXI GANG / Toni Hitchcock

Born out of a childhood passion for imaginative play and timeless branding influence, Washington, DC-based artist SUPERWAXX curates For the Love of Brick, an group exhibition inspired by the world’s most imaginative engineering childhood toy LEGO® bricks.

“We all start off as artists at a young age. Coloring, creating, building… We look to our own imagination and creative capabilities through childhood play. LEGO® bricks are the springboard for many artists. With this show, I am encouraging artists to apply the creative process they’ve developed up to adulthood to a timeless childhood brand and creative engineering tool that we all know and love,” says SUPERWAXX.

Over twenty-five local and national artists will create pieces that are composed of, incorporate or are inspired by LEGO® bricks. Most of the participating artists are based in the United States and are based from states including CA, OH, FL, MD, MO, VA and Washington, DC as well as Canada. They represent a wide range of creative backgrounds including contemporary fine artists such as sculptors, painters and illustrators as well as graffiti and street artists, graphic designers and comic illustrators.

The exhibition will also include a interactive event called  “Brick Bash”. The Brick Bash event will held on  <Sunday September 6th, 2015> to invite artists of all ages to experience an array of creative and interactive activities for artists and LEGO brick lovers of all ages to enjoy.

“I am hoping to inspire artists of various generations to explore their own individual creative process and imaginative exploration through the use of LEGO bricks as a platform. This is not only an effort to strengthen the bond between different creative communities, but I also hope to encourage everyone participating to continue building on their imagination through their love of brick” says SUPERWAXX.

“Brick Bash” will feature the Soul and Ink Crew, a live screen painting company, and Amazing Arcade, a mobile, interactive video game arcade, hands on creative art activities and more.

For the Love of Brick is a family-friendly show created to appeal to all ages. For the Love of Brick is NOT endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with the LEGO group.