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Rose Jaffe’s Women in Color | April 4 – 26, 2015


Opening Saturday, April 4, 6 – 10pm, The Fridge presents Women in Color featuring all new works from DC-based contemporary artist and illustrator Rose Jaffe. Jaffe’s expressive approach to line, color and form provide a refreshing take on traditional portraiture.

Artworks on deep cherry and pine wood panels range in size from miniature to 4’ x 6’. The artist applies bold, striking color to contrast the wood’s earthy tones to create an unexpected blend of the synthetic and natural. The works on wood will be displayed alongside a large scale indoor mural and sculpture using repurposed mannequin heads.

Jaffe’s works communicate and celebrate the complex emotion and dynamism of young women living today. Subjects for the pieces come from myriad backgrounds reflecting the totality of the artist’s life including local dancers and members of the creative community as well as family. The use of color serves as a critical element in the works.

Jaffe says, “For years I worked strictly in black and white. For these works, I want to explore color’s role in the mood, sensuality and purpose of a piece. I have changed a significant amount since moving home to Washington, DC, and these pieces reflect that transformation. This show aims to redefine color away from our skin tone. I look into our bodies, our energy, our movements, emotion and thoughts – to the potentially endless pulsing colors running in and around us – and bring those to the outside.”


  • Opening Reception: Saturday, April 4, 6 – 10pm
  • Artist Talk: Saturday, April 11, 2 – 3pm
  • Closing Reception: Sunday, April 26, 3 – 6pm

About the Artist

Rose Jaffe is an illustrator and portrait artist born, raised and currently residing in Washington, D.C. She earned her BFA at the School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan. She is an art teacher and administrator at Parkmont High School and teaches fine arts throughout the year at Words, Beats and Life; an arts and hip-hop non profit. She is the co-founder of 2B Artist Studios, a collectively run art space that hosts workshops, gallery shows and events. When she is not teaching or organizing, she pursues her own artwork, with themes of social justice and women empowerment.

Coming Up Next: Peter Krsko’s Apoptosis


Opening Saturday, May 9, 6 – 10 pm, The Fridge presents Apoptosis, a sculptural exhibit from DC-based artist and scientist Peter Krsko. 

Krsko will transform the gallery space through a large-scale installation composed of repurposed lumber collected during the artist’s recent explorations throughout the metro region and beyond.

Krsko relates the process of developing his sculptures to the natural scientific process known as apoptosis. During this process, cells sacrifice their own life in order to create gains for the greater good. Similarly, in larger structures, cells and organisms are destined to die in order to improve the overall functionality of the systems they support.

Krsko says, “Each piece of wood started on a sunny slope as a living and breathing being. It was then selected for a new purpose – to provide warm and comfortable shelter in a modern city. I bend and reassemble these construction materials so that they shift from manmade, sterile squares into new, organic forms. These new shapes mimic the twists and curves commonly found in nature. The old building blocks, situations and knowledge must be destroyed in order to construct new ideas and viewpoints, again and again…”


Krsko’s installation will be a fully-immersive experience. Viewers of Apoptosis are asked to become part of the narrative by exploring, touching and walking through the artwork.

Apoptosis will be on view through June 6, 2015.

About the Artist 

Peter Krsko is a DC-based artist and co-founder of Krsko Creative Group and Albus Cavus, a collective of artists, educators and visionaries who use art, science and technology to improve public spaces with the goal of building healthy communities. Krsko holds a PhD in Biophysics and Material Science from the Stevens Institute of Technology. Wood is the medium of choice for this exhibit as a result of the material’s unique properties, stored energy and the artist’s heritage. Krsko grew up in the mountains of Slovakia in a family with an extensive experience working with lumber.